Manufacturers of Fine Solders

Torrey S. Crane Facilities List:

Casting – Molding

Bar, Ingot, Slab, Anodes, Special Forms, Cakes, and Capping Bars

Continuous Extrusion

Wire Products – Solid, Acid Core, Rosin Core, Strip, Ribbon, Tape, Tubing, and Special Shapes


 0.005″ – 0.500″ Diameter.

Spool Sizes

1#, 5#, 10#, and 25# Standard Spools.  Bulk-Paks up to 300#

Rolling and Slitting

Custom Rolling in Thickness .0006″ – .375″.  

Slit Widths from 0.060″ to 24.0″ Wide.

Custom Flat Wire

Special Packaging 3″ ID – 6″ ID. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

Coil Weights up to 100# per inch of width.


Preforms, Rings, Stampings, Cut Lengths

Ball Anodes – 3/8″ in stock

Plating Anodes

External Soldering Fluxes

Rosin Base, Acid Flux, Water Soluble Low Residue, and Environmentally Safe (No-Clean).